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Pimm’s Industrial IT (IIT) Group can design and engineer a solution that will fit your specific computing and communication requirements.


We can leverage your existing infrastructure and investment by upgrading and/or maintaining system components like Telecom, network servers, phone systems.


Many clients have several autonomous systems and require them to be integrated for various reasons. Pimm’s IIT Group’s primary expertise is integration of complex systems for optimal reliability and performance.

We provide installation, maintenance and troubleshooting

  • Wired Ethernet Networks
  • Wireless Network Server
  • Satellite Communication/Networking
  • SCADA/Telecom Systems
  • DH485/RS-232 Communication
  • PLC Programming
  • Phone Systems

Your Partner for All of Your Industrial IT Needs

Pimm’s Industrial Information Technology (IIT) Group draws on over a decade of experience in the information technology field. Our experience combined with an understanding of process control, business systems and unique requirements ensures our information technology solutions will be able to suit your needs and deliver optimal value to your IT investments.

Pimm’s IIT Group will assist you in finding the best solutions to your technology infrastructure. Our aim is to reduce any disruptions and increase the quality of network solutions in order to provide you with real results.

Network Services

Pimm’s IIT can also assist you in designing and implementing a wired or secured wireless network. We can help you develop the technical design and configuration of your Wireless LANs (WLANs) server, ensuring connectivity between your wireless and wired networks for effective communication. As your business needs and physical site requirements evolve, we can ensure your network can adapt in step. In remote situations, a high speed satellite link may be the solution of choice to provide stable communication between your office and the world. We can provide comparative analysis and troubleshoot network problems before they affect productivity and profitability.

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