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Pimm’s Production Equipment Ltd. has specialized in maintenance for over 40 years. We have striven to stay ahead of the changes in instrumentation, but have always remembered what made us different from other maintenance companies in the North. The difference is that we have stored our experience in the extensive records of every site we have ever maintained. Every time we visit a location, from a major overhaul to an inspection, comprehensive records are kept.

But that’s not the only difference! We use well-trained, highly skilled people on our maintenance runs. The technicians we send are capable of solving problems if they are confronted with a challenging situation. It’s often while maintaining a site that problems are discovered. Solving them with the people doing the maintenance saves an extra trip, and our customers save money. Not only that, but when good people do the maintenance, it’s done right the first time! 

Maintenance Services

  • H2S, Fire and Gas Detection Systems
  • Compressor Instrument Panels
  • Dri-Flo Meter and Transmitter Calibrations
  • SCADA Systems
  • Generator Systems
  • Eagle Pumps and Compressor 
  • Air Compressors 
  • Air Driers 
  • Valves 
  • Electric Motor Installations
  • Pumps
  • Compressed Air Systems 
  • ESD Systems 
  • Instrument Air Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • And Much More

PSV Maintenance

Is someone tracking and servicing your PSVs? Have you planned a turnaround for this spring? Pimm’s Production Equipment is certified in BC and Alberta for servicing PSVs. We have tracked and held in our database every PSV we’ve sold or serviced over the past 30 years.

You can plan your turnarounds around our database. Ask us for a report on when your valves were last serviced. Our prices are very competitive, and door to door services are available.

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